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Dwang issue one. Previously unpublished poetry, prose, art.

Contributors: William Wantling, Dan Fante, Douglas Blazek, Billy Childish, Edward Lucie-Smith, John Hartley Williams, Charles Plymell, Salena Godden, Wes Magee, David Barker, Hugh Fox, Alan Dent, Ian Seed, Steve Richmond, Gerald Locklin, Jim Burns, Idris Caffrey, Peter Finch, Geoff Hattersley, Fred Voss, Tim Wells, Laurel Ann Bogen, K.M. Dersley, Mike Daily, Adrian Manning, Rob Plath, K.V. Skene, Christopher Twigg, Barry Southam, Lindsay Smith, Kirsty Irving, Dileep Bagnall, A.D. Winans, Tony O'Neill, Trevor Reeves, Ben Myers, Adelle Stripe, Simon Kovesi, Whitney Woolf, Stuart Crutchfield, Richard Lopez, Jonathan Hayes. Graphics from Yasmin Ramli, Phil Corbett and Hannah Battershell. Photography by Jonny Illingworth. Lettered copies have been signed by Douglas Blazek.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of William Wantling.

General information: 106 pages. Large format, approx. 7"/175mm wide x 250mm/10" tall. Handbound at the Tangerine Press workshop, using heavy duty acid-free boards, conservation glue, hemp cord; Colorado Plate Mid Grey cloth; distinctive Tangerine logo stamped onto the front cover in black ink; 3-page 'stepped' 160gsm Canson Mi-Tientes front endpapers--the page colours being Rust, Poppy Red and Royal Blue; 160gsm Canson Mi-Tientes Rust back endpapers; 85gsm Fabriano Bio Prima Off-White archival quality acid-free text paper. Two full colour images are printed on 118gsm White Mohawk Superfine paper. 100 numbered and 26 lettered/signed copies available for sale. Body text set in Baskerville Old Face. ISBN: 978-0-9553402-3-9

"This book ticks so many hipster boxes we wish we'd caught it when first came out months ago. But it's still good! Dwang is beautifully produced and lovingly handbound in that epicentre of literary outsider-dom, Tooting Broadway, South London."
--Stuart Hammond, Dazed & Confused magazine.


Copies may still be available from the following outlets:

Shepherd's Bookbinders

Water Row Books