Best Support Healer Genshin Impact

Best Support Healer Genshin Impact. Genshin impact best character tier list: Barbara is a healer that scales based on hp, meaning she heals more if she has a higher health pool.

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Genshin impact best character tier list: She is a support character who excels at burst healing. Sayu's healing power scales off to her maximum attack.

The More Health She Has, The More Healing She Will Be Able To Provide To Her Teammates.

Below are the best healers in genshin impact with details about them. The best healer and physical dps builds. She is a support character who excels at burst healing.

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Barbara (hydro) a healer who is entirely scaled on the basis of her own health points. They have the highest healing potential and their builds focus more on further increasing the effectivity of their healing rather than their damage. All characters are capable of being the support in team, but there are characters who are in nature play the healer role.

Barbara (Hydro) Jean (Anemo) Noelle (Geo) Qiqi (Cryo) Barbara.

Healers are a role that everyone needs in genshin impact, and so this list goes through every healer (barbara, jean, qiqi, bennett, diona, xingqui and noelle. Qiqi works as an excellent support character with her ability to heal herself and her teammates. So, players should focus on stacking atk% while building sayu as a healer.

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The Four Healers In Genshin Impact At The Moment Are As Follows:

They can also do the damage but mainly they heal the team and boost their allies' stats at the same time. Subscribe for more genshin impact daily videos :)genshin impact top tier support and healer characters. Diona’s elemental burst allows her to heal nearby allies over time.

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This build focus on diona as a healer and keeping her allies healthy. The hp regained is based on diona’s hp and lasts for 12 seconds. Kokomi and bennett are far and away the best healers in all of genshin impact.

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