Why Is My Remote Start Not Working Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why is my remote start not working on my jeep grand cherokee? One way you may be able to tell if your vehicle is in valet mode is by watching the parking lights.

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If your battery voltage is too low during the initial crank or your hood switch is acting up it will not work as well. The remote keyless entry system may not function intermittently : • remote start disabled — start vehicle to reset.

2 Hit The Lock Switch On Your Driver's Side Door And Insert The Key Into The Ignition.

The jeep dealer says that i'll need a $500. I just had this issue in my 2014. Remote start wouldn't work due to it thinking the hood was open.

1 Climb Into Your Jeep Grand Cherokee With Your Keyless Remote(S) In Hand And Your Manual Ignition Key.

The most common cause for a 2011 jeep grand cherokee remote start not to work is a dead key fob battery. Having a dead battery won’t allow your fob to communicate with the suv receiver and order the engine to start. My guess is that you have some sort of gremlin starting to go bad but not bad enough to get evic messages.

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It Will Also Rule Out Any Other Problem With The First Key, For Example, Water Damage.

For me, my battery was going bad. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. One way you may be able to tell if your vehicle is in valet mode is by watching the parking lights.

The Following Messages Will Display In The Evic If The Vehicle Fails To Remote Start Or Exits Remote Start Prematurely:

• remote start cancelled — door open. Turn the car off and remove the key from the ignition to complete the programming sequence. The connector looked fine on mine.

Average Failure Mileage Is 8,150 Miles.

If the remote start system is not working in your jeep grand cherokee the first thing that you should check is the battery in the key fob. If this battery is dead then your fob will not be able to communicate with the receiver in. • remote start cancelled — hood.